Three state-of-the-art engines in one blower!!

Akron-3 blower provides maximum power, perfect for dog groomers and breeders of breeds with high hair density.

With resistance to control the temperature.

Hose with a very simple and safe nozzle change system and adjustment to blower.

· Three new generation engines. It can work with 1, 2 or all three motors at the same time.
· 3 levels of airflow. Air flow up to 150 l/s.
· Maximum speed 77 m/s.
· With heat resistance. Three temperature levels: up to 65˚C.
· Maximum consumption: 3,200 W. Minimum consumption 860 W.
· Long and extendable hose from 90 to 180 cm in length. thickness 5 cm.
· Three nozzles.
· Spare filter.

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