Leonberger IULH World Championship Show, 24/06/2023
Norsk Leonberger Klubb Specialty Show, 25/06/2023
Hamresanden, Kristiansand, Norway

Entry form
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Entries closing date 11th June 2023

Breed: Leonberger


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Entry IULH World Championship show 24th june 2023.
    Entry fee: 450 NOK (= € 42,20) per dog, third and following dog 225 NOK (= € 21,10).
    Puppy classes 275 NOK (= € 25,80). .
Entry NLBK specialty show 25th June 2023.
    Entry fee: 400 NOK (= € 37,60) per dog, third and following dog 200 NOK .(= € 18,80).
    Puppy classes  250 NOK (= € 23,50).


Additonal classes:
Breeding class (4 dogs bred by the the same person and/or under the same kennel name). Entry free of charge at the show.
nly with dogs that are also entered in one of the classes above.

Progeny class (dog or bitch with 4 first generation offspring). Entry free of charge at the show.
Only with dogs that are also entered in one of the classes above.

Upload proof of justice for working and champion classes.

Will your dog become a Norwegian Show Champion if it obtains CC at this show?
 Yes  No

Does your dog, prior to this show, have enough CCs to become a Norwegian Show Champion?
 Yes  No

Questions / Remarks

I have read and accepted the Norwegian Kennel Clubs rules and regulations regarding the competition/show I’m participating in.
It is my duty to be updated on these rules and to obey them.
I understand that violating the rules may lead to disciplinary actions.

I accept that the critics from the show/competition will be published by the Norwegian Kennel Club and thereby become publicly available.
I accept that pictures taken under the competiton/show may be published/shared on public web sites or social media.
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  The Norwegian Kennel Club’s/the organizer’s oblication, including responsibility for the implementation of the event, will cease if the event is affected by a force majeure situation before or during the event.
This also includes the responsibility to refund registration fees for affected events.
A force majeure situation is causes beyond the reasonable control of the NKK
and / or the organizer, including but not limited to war, riots, terrorism, major outbreaks, fire, floods, strikes, weather, national security orders or instructions from national or local authorities.

Registration number/pedigree must be shown at the show.

We will send payment instructions by email after reception of this entry form.