Judges Leonberger / Newfoundland specialty show

25th June 2023

Leonbergers: Michele Utke Ramsing, Denmark.
Newfoundlands: Carla Dusseldorp, Netherlands. 

Michele Utke Ramsing

I was born into the dogworld and somehow got stucked there.
Dogs have always been a huge part of my life. My choice of education, work, house, car and even the few vacations possible have been deeply influenced by the dogs in my life.
Shortly after I was born, my parents bought their first Bernese Mountain dog and then it all began.
They started showing. After a short time they went to Switzerland for their second Bernese, year after the third and so it went on. They started breeding, founded the Bernese Mountain Dog Club in Denmark together with some friends and all the activities around our Bernese is what I mostly remember from my childhood. Of course, I went along to all the dogshows in Europe and also competed in the Child & dog competitions.
When I moved from home my first dog was a Bernese, but then I meet a charming Newfoundland bitch and fell totally in love with this breed. My Bernese died at 8 years from bone cancer and shortly after my first Newfie was born. She became the foundation bitch of my kennel Newetta’s Newfoundlands. She gave me the first litter in September 1996 from a lovely American male and working with the Newfoundlands have been my biggest passion ever since.
I have been showing all over Europe and have won more than 100 championtitles on Newfs I’ve breed or owned.
Beside this I’ve been president of The Newfoundland Club in Denmark and of a Regional club of The Danish Kennel Club. I teach in the Danish Kennel Club on a Basic course and I educate the showtrainers in the DKK. I’m a member of the health committee in the Danish Kennel Club and the DK representative in the FCI Breeder Commission.
I have been working nearly 18 years on the Danish Veterinary University and now I enjoy my work life on a small local vet clinic.
Already in my childhood the big, beautiful and lovely Leonberger impressed me, therefor after starting my judge career with the Newfoundland and Landseer, the Bernese and Leonberger was of high importance for me.
Today I’m licensed to judge Newfoundland, Leonberger, Landseer, Bernese Mountain Dog and Black Spitz.
I was very happy to receive the invitation and humble to accept to judge on this great event.
I look very much forward to see all your wonderful Leonbergers.
Yours sincerely
Michele Utke Ramsing

Carla Dusseldorp

It’s such a pleasure being invited in Norway to judge the Newfoundland! It makes me really happy, as I have two bears living with me, together with a Leonberger, my husband ofcourse, two cats and 5 chickens.
I’m from the Netherlands, but I’m living, for almost two years now, in rural France.
Since becoming a judge, I have judged in many countries in Europe and in the USA. Besides the Newfoundland and Leonberger I judge some other mountaindogs of group 2, and two breeds from group 6.
As a judge I’ve always been involved in educating breeders and new judges, both as a teacher and as an examiner and I’ve been working for the Dutch Kennelclub to make new educational material.
I feel very priviliged and honoured to be invited to judge in beautiful and amazing Norway, and I’m looking foreward to meet wonderfull dogs and old and new friends.