25th June 2023

Michele Utke Ramsing

I was born into the dog world and kinda got stuck there.
Dogs have always been a big part of my life. My choices of education, work, home, car and even the few possible vacations have been heavily influenced by the dogs in my life.
Shortly after I was born, my parents bought their first Bernese Mountain Dog and that’s when it all started.
They started showing. After a short time, the second Berner went to Switzerland, year after year for the third and so it went on. They started breeding, founded the Bernese Mountain Dog Club in Denmark together with some friends and all the activities around our Bernese are what I mainly remember from my childhood. Of course I was at all dog shows in Europe and also took part in the children’s and dog competitions.
When I moved from home my first dog was a Bernese, but then I met an adorable Newfoundland dog and fell totally in love with the breed. My Berner died of bone cancer at the age of 8 and shortly after that my first Newfie was born. She became the foundation bitch of my kennel Newetta’s Newfoundlands. She gave me my first litter from a lovely American male in September 1996 and ever since working with Newfoundlands has been my greatest passion.
I have exhibited all over Europe and won over 100 Champion titles on Newfs that I have bred or owned.
I was also President of the Newfoundland Club in Denmark and a regional club of the Danish Kennel Club. I teach a basic course in the Danish Kennel Club and train the show trainers in DKK. I am a member of the Health Committee in the Danish Kennel Club and DK representative in the FCI Breeders’ Committee.
I have been working at the Danish Veterinary University for almost 18 years and am now enjoying my working life in a small local veterinary clinic.
Even as a child I was impressed by the tall, beautiful and lovely Leonberger, which is why the Bernese and Leonberger were of great importance to me after I started judging Newfoundland and Landseer dogs.
Today I am authorized to judge Newfoundland, Leonberger, Landseer, Bernese Mountain Dog and Black Spitz.
I was very happy to have received the invitation and humbly accepted to judge this great event.
I am really looking forward to seeing all your wonderful Leonbergers.
With kind regards,
Michele Utke Ramsing

Thomas Walker

The longer I am involved in dog breeding, the more my respect and humility for the complexity of this matter grows.
The regional and international dog shows give us an up-to-date overview of the breeding progress.
As judges we are challenged to be prudent in our judgments to support the breeding.
An “IULH World Championship”, which allows us to have a look into the population worldwide, offers the kaleidoscope of diversity.
I hope many Leonberger  owners from all over the world are motivated to participate in this World Championship, in order to present the breeds in the largest possible overall picture.
Honored about the invitation I will fulfill my task with pleasure.

Thomas Walker (Austria)